Covid-19 Donations

In these uncertain times, we believe that community comes first. That is why 50% of all website sales from will be donated to charities to support Covid-19 victims.

25% will be donated to our neighbors at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Their fearless dedication to taking care of our most vulnerable community members, all while putting themselves in potential danger, is nothing short of super hero status in our eyes. 

25% will be donated to the Two Ten Foundation, a national foundation dedicated to helping footwear industry workers who are directly impacted by the current Covid-19 crisis. If you've been working in the footwear industry for one year, and need assistance please visit Two Ten's website for help. 

We encourage everyone to be proactive, wash your hands for 20 seconds, be safe, practice social distancing, and to do what they can for the well being of their neighbors and community. Be healthy, stay cozy. 

If you have questions please contact